Taras Oliinyk
First Deputy of the State Agency for electronic governance

09.2014 to Current
First deputy of a head of the State Agency for E-Governance in Ukraine

Co-Head of the Working Group developing policy in the sphere of e-government at the Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine

DC «Ukrainian specialized systems»
Head of the department of technical supervision and expertise, deputy general director

Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Sciences
Head of the Laboratory of judicial investigation computer and telecommunication systems. Judicial expert 2nd category (Specialty 10.9 “10.9 «Investigation of computer technique and software’s » and 10.17 “Investigation telecommunication systems and instrumentalities”)

Head of DC “Settlement centre of the Ministry Transport and Communications of Ukraine”

Main Department of communication, information and protection of the Kyiv City State Administration
Deputy head of a main department – Head of the Department of Informatisation and Protection information

Main Department of communication, information and protection of the Kyiv City State Administration
Head of the Main Department

Department of Transport and Communications of the Kyiv City State Administration
Deputy Head of the department of Communication, Telecommunications and Information

Department of communication, telecommunications and information Kyiv City State Administration
Head of the Department of Information

Standing Comission of Kyiv City Council on humanitarian issues. Councillor

Service- manager company «РIONEER» in Ukraine, engineer service centre company «VICOTEC»

Engineer Chernivtsi Regional Children’s radiation-ecological dispensary

Mr Oliinyk’s professional achievements include:
Participation in the preparation, development and implementation project of telecommunication networks for special purposes. Technical, expert and documentary support of the contract for the purchase of equipment to ensure access to telecommunications networks for special purposes.

Development of the concept of automated system of Kyiv municipal management, IAS “The only geographic information system of Kyiv” IAS “Electronic City” AU “Social card from Kiev”, “single electronic ticket”, etc.

The introduction of multi-enterprise network of local authorities of the city Kyiv, introduction of automated data about the population of Kyiv AU “Register of population”, the introduction of the “Real Estate of Kyiv” participate in the development of a single integrated workflow system of local government in Kyiv, concept development, specification and implementation of hardware and software “mayor assistance Service – Kiev Call-center 15-51. ”

Development of functional and technological architecture of e-government in Ukraine.

Conducting organizational measures and support the establishment of the State Agency for e-government in Ukraine;
Participation in many workshops to create the concept of “electronic government” and Strategies “E-government” during 2008-2014 years. Development of a plan for the implementation of “electronic government” in 2009-2010.

Development of project documents and electronic counting in elections of Kyiv mayor and local council 1998-2008 years.

Development of techniques of forensic examinations related to IP telephony technologies, refaylinhu, satellite, technology substitution of telephone traffic and interference with operation of telecommunication systems of mobile operators, research malware.

Development of draft legal acts and legislation implementing e-government.
Organization and carrying out complex computer expertise and expertise telecommunication systems and facilities in high profile criminal cases involving misappropriation of public funds by officials of central and local government in the procurement of works and services for creating automated systems of telecommunication networks, etc. including the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport, Kyiv City State Administration and others.

Deep knowledge of state standards, including the military that had to use in carrying out research and ROC or the performance of work (services) for the development or creation of automated systems, software, databases, including: YESKD, YESPD standards 24 and 34 series (creating automated systems), standard series 15 (RBIs for the development of military technology products, including automated defense value).

Profound knowledges of legislation of Ukraine in the field of information, protection of information, communication and procurement.

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